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Keller Williams Kampot (KW Kampot) Branch, under Blue Starfish Realty & Development Co., Ltd was established in January 2009 by a young Cambodian businessman named Mr. Socheath KEO (Nickname: Mr. Cheer). The company is officially registered under the Ministry of Commerce since 6 April 2016 in Phnom Penh Capital, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Keller Williams Kampot (KW Kampot) office is a trust worthy real estate company which specialise in buying/selling, renting, valuating all kinds of properties. To create a convenience dealing to both parties of buyer and seller, our KW Kampot Real Estate office has a mission is to provide a trusted and quality service in South Coast area of Cambodia, conducting business with honesty and integrity. It is extremely important cause it is our core business value. Our business coverage areas are Kampot city, Kep city and other places as demand. We aim to help our business clients/stakeholders to have a fair and market price for any purchase of the property deal. Moreover, we have already been serving our clients/stakeholders, both local and expat with a professional manner at all time when it comes to buy/sell or rent for any property.

KW Kampot office, under "Blue Starfish Realty & Development Co., Ltd" likes to introduce a new way of trust-worthy and professional at work to our clients/stakeholders and more of future projects to come.


To build a career worth having, business worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.


To be the real estate company of agents and their choice for customers.


God, family, then business.

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